A number of you have asked me that what do some of the organizers look for when it comes to who to invite to an event. That is a tough question as organizers have different purpose, criteria, goals, missions, etc.

As an organizer for open events, all girls events, grand prix events and high level professional events, etc., here are some of the things that I think organizers would look for:

– Character of the players
– Personality of the players
– Personal conducts and behavior
– Fighting spirits (it is OK to draw a lot but it is not OK not to fight)
– Ability to handle the media, fans and fellow players
– Trustworthiness
(record of dropping out or canceling at the last minute)
– Appearance (dress code and presentability)
– Titles (what titles do the players hold)
– Playing strength (levels would depend of types of tournaments)
– Financial conditions / demands
– Location of residence (sometimes it does not make sense if a player lives so far away), etc.

There are more factors but the above are just some of the examples of what organizers may look for.

What else would you look for if you are the organizer?
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