There has been so much talk about the no draw rule or lack there of. For the record, I prefer to see fighting chess and I do not mind the no draw offer rule. But let’s talk about the reality! What would YOU do if you are leading a MAJOR tournament by 1/2 point going into the last round. You are paired against the player who trails you by 1/2 point. Everyone else is at least 1 point back. Draw and this BIG tournament is in your hand. You also get a GM norm and win $25,000 and so on.

If your opponent offers you a draw in move 10 which gives you everything you can dream of. Would you:

1. Say NO WAY! I am going all out for the win!
2. Say okey dokey! Sure! I accept your draw offer.
3. Get into a state of shock, stare at your opponent in disbelief and lose on time.
4. Phone Oprah or Dr. Phil for advice 🙂

It is always easy to judge others. But what would YOU do?

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