I learned chess in Havana, Cuba when I was 13 years old. Since then I have devoted my life to this wonderful game. I became an International Master at 23, and I achieved my first Grandmaster norm in 1996 at the NY Open. I have been an active chess player as well as an organizer and trainer for the last 25 years. In 1996 I founded the Miami International Chess Academy where I have taught countless players of all ages.

For the last several years I have been organizing the Miami International Open and many other important events. I have much proven success in multiple facets of chess. I am absolutely positive that I can help our chess federation in many ways if I am given the opportunity to serve.

If elected to the USCF Executive Board, I plan to bring harmony and new energy to our organization. I would concentrate my efforts in raising memberships, securing much needed sponsorship, and finding effective ways to cut expenses to make this federation stronger. I have immeasurable experience and success in these areas, and I can help make the same happen for the USCF.

This is an absolutely important election because the USCF needs a new course of direction immediately. You, the members, can make this happen! We, as an organization, cannot afford to continue throwing away money frivolously, especially in this very difficult economy. We, as a members’ organization, must be fiscally responsible.

The current financial state of the USCF is extremely fragile! According to the Federation’s statistics, the USCF lost approximately 1,500 members between February 2008 and February 2009. The USCF also lost $419,968 in the first 7 months of this fiscal year (this information was provided by USCF Chief Financial Officer Joe Nanna).

Instead of investing money wisely in areas that can help the USCF grow, hundreds of thousands of dollars were wasted on unnecessary lawsuits in the past two years.

I am not interested in chess politicking. I am not interested in political power. I am only interested in making the USCF stronger and better.

If elected, one of my first motions will be to stop wasting what is left of members’ valuable resources on legal fees by ending all lawsuits immediately. Money saved could be redirected to better adult, scholastic, collegiate, correspondence, and military chess.

Specifically, if elected, here are my pledges to USCF members:

  • I will work hard to restore and maintain a sound and balanced budget every year that I am on the board
  • I will work hard to protect members’ assets
  • I will work hard to find ways to cut unnecessary expenditures
  • I will work hard to develop a strong support system for adult, scholastic, collegiate, correspondence, Internet and military chess
  • I will work hard to find ways to raise the membership level
  • I will work hard to bring in new sponsors for the USCF
  • I will work hard to promote full transparency in all USCF dealings.

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