Who is Dr. Eric Hecht?

I’m a medical doctor and member of the business community. My background in business includes finance and governance. I was trained as an analyst by several of the largest banks on Wall Street, having been a senior member of several firms. Recently, I’ve served on the boards of several health care companies.

Why is he running for the USCF EB?

I am a candidate as a director for the USCF for no other reason than I believe all members of an organization should have an opportunity to make a contribution.

I’m running in this election because I wish to serve the chess community. I’ve served as a governor of the Marshall Chess Club and Marshall Chess Foundation, and I’ve been a senior sponsor of the Miami Open. This year I’ll contribute to the NY International Chess Tournament.

The USCF is a sizeable non-profit business, and as such, needs the type of governance and financial oversight that I’ve worked on for other organizations. I believe my background could prove useful to the successful running of the USCF.

What are some of the things you should know?

I have been a member of the USCF since 1999 when I first started to play Tournament chess. During that time I have had little interaction with the organization. One might ask, how can you want to be a director of an organization when you have had so little interaction with those that run the organization? Actually, it is for this reason that I am running. The USCF appears to not reach out to its members in such a way, that they reached me; a member for almost ten years!!

This is not a passing shot at those who run the organization, because perhaps they do not view it as their responsibility to reach out and touch their members. And again, this is exactly the point. The USCF should be touching its members. It should be sponsoring events, championships, etc.

Some of this responsibility appears to have been relegated to the private sector. Some efforts made by the private sector have outshone the USCF. Other efforts are run by those who govern the USCF, but are not done under the banner of the USCF. Maybe this is inefficient, or a conflict of interest, or maybe not. It does beg the question however as to whether the current directors and management of the USCF are motivated to help the USCF succeed, or whether they are content to see their efforts in the private sector succeed.

My view is that those who are fully engaged in the business of chess should probably not be running the largest non-profit chess organization in the U.S.

I don’t think I am the most qualified, or the least qualified candidate. I have a background in finance, and I have served as a director for both private as well as public companies. I am a governor of the Marshall Chess Club. I have worked for several large banks during my career as a financial analyst, and I have been a private investor for the last several years. I have a strong interest in chess, education, kids, and charitable giving. My intentions are pure.

I am dispassionate about winning or losing this election. I am willing and ready to serve, or not depending upon what the members of the USCF want. For sure, I believe the USCF members should want and expect, that the USCF be a well run organization that is financially secure.

In addition, the members should feel secure that those running the organization are not conflicted. Finally, the members should feel that their organization is working for them, promoting chess education, and chess activities. As a financial analyst, I do hope I could make a strong contribution to the financial integrity of the organization.

Thank you for your consideration.


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