A Million Dollar announcement!

Millionaire Chess is excited to announce the Millionaire Square Prize. One player in the 2nd Millionaire Chess Open, scheduled for October 8-12 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, will have a 1 in 64 chance to walk away a millionaire! The player will be one of 36 who make it to Millionaire Monday, the final day of competition. The Millionaire Square Prize is in addition to the million-dollar prize fund that up to 1,200 players from over 40 countries will be competing to win.

Here’s how it will work: Of the 36 players who make it to the final day, nine winners representing each rating division will emerge from the competition. Those nine players will match wits in a fast-paced game of strategy (details to be revealed later) to determine who moves on to get a shot at the Millionaire Square Prize. The winner will then pick from 64 envelopes filled with cash and other prizes randomly placed on a giant chessboard. If the lucky envelope is picked, the winner will walk away an instant millionaire!

With the Millionaire Square Prize, Millionaire Chess remains committed to continually seek new ways to raise the profile of chess in the United States and around the world. With satellite events, big prize funds, exciting commentators and new analytic programs to help break down the action, the Millionaire Chess Open will help bring the excitement of chess to a new generation of fans. For more information about the event, visit

June 30th deadline: register for the Millionaire Chess Open

June 30th marks an important date for the Millionaire Chess Open. It is the day when the entry fee that has been in place since April 1st jumps by $250 to $1,500. For players wishing to play in the next MCO, there are only 30 days remaining to take advantage of the current entry fee. Sign up today at before it’s too late.

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