My sister Sofia was “playing” chess with Lennox in Canada

From The Sunday Times
February 3, 2008

Working with the Big Man
By Piers Morgan

Lennox and I worked together on the celebrity version of The Apprentice in the United States last October and November. They had us doing all sorts of tasks like selling hot dogs and theatre tickets on the streets of New York and devising an advertising strategy for a pet adoption agency.

We spent a lot of time together – we were often working an 18-hour day – we clicked and became good mates. He is just a very cool dude, and charming with it. I had met him before but never really appreciated how smart and articulate he is. A lot of people think he’s this lumbering boxer but he is in fact a very good chess player. I thought I was good – I was champion at my prep school two years running – but he just wiped the floor with me.

We must have played nearly 40 times, during which I think I only won once. I remember asking him if he really considered himself British. And he was emphatic about it. He is very proud of being born and bred here, it was just family circumstances that forced him to move to Canada when he was young. One of the reasons why we clicked on the show was that we saw ourselves as flying the flag for this country. What’s also surprising is how famous he is, even more than me.

Here is the full story.

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