Wojtaszek – Jobava match in Poznań

The chess match between the best Polish GM Radek Wojtaszek (2717) and the best Georgian GM Baadur Jobava(2730) will be held on 24-28th of July at Poznań University of Technology.
The match will be played according to FIDE classic chess rules – 4 games – and rapid rules – 4 games.

This match is an opportunity for Wojtaszek to take revenge after he lost to Jobava in second round of World Cup 2011 in Khanty-Mansiysk. Especially that the venue of this event is the city Radek lives. S both of players are European Rapid Chess champions (Wojtaszek – 2008 and Jobava – 2011) the rapid part of the match will be very interesting for chess supporters worldwide.

The match, under honorary patronage of University Chancellor prof. Adam Hamrol, will be the first appearance of Wojtaszek after several months of assistance to World Champion GM V. Anand successfully defending the title.

The match is a celebration of International Year of Akiba Rubinstein. One of the best chess players in the world history.

The official web page of the event – www.WojtaszekJobava.pl – will provide live transmission as well as video transmission from rapid part of the match on 28th of July (10.00 – 15.00 CET). Games of classic chess start on 24-27th of July at 15.30 CET.

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