Microsoft defends Viking chess champion from Russian hackers
Posted on November 7, 2016 by Nick Farrell

Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion has asked the Software King of the World, Microsoft, to protect him from Russian hackers.

Carlsen is worried that he will become plagued by cyber-attacks before the match with the Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin.

Carlsen uses technology and computing power to prepare the match and he is afraid that Russian hackers would attempt to break into his computers to access information that could help Crimean-born Karjarin to win the match.

Beating Calsen would be a bit of propaganda coup for Tsar Putin. Karjakin represents Russia now but comes from Ukraine and supports Putin’s annexation of the region. It is therefore useful to Putin to create an image that a religious belief in all he stands for grants you victory. After all it is what he has been doing for his chum Trump in the US.

Vole has promised to protect Carlsen’s data and will secure communications to make sure that nothing is lost or compromised. Carlsen’s advisers will also be protected, as Russian hackers could also launch attacks against them to get data about the match.

Vibeke Hansen, head of the Communications department at Microsoft Norway said the element of surprise is vitally important in chess and no one expects Volish minions to go Viking on them.

“Preparing for a World Championship demands a lot of work, analysis and strategic sparring – and a lot of computing power. The last few months before a match are filled with a lot of preparation and hard work; it is crucial that no data is lost or compromised,” Hansen said.


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