The 34th Memorial Edoardo Crespi took place from 30th November to 8th December in the large tournament hall of Chess Club in Milan, via Sant’Uguzzone 8.

The main event was Master Group which was played over nine rounds of Swiss system.

Grandmasters Krasimir Rusev (BUL 2539), Petar G. Arnaudov (BUL 2448) and Igor Naumkin (RUS 2460) shared the first place with 6,5/9 points each.

Half a point behind the winners were GM Joseph Sanchez (PHI 2529), IM Jasmin Bejtovic (BIH 2394), IM Nenad Aleksic (SRB 2351), FM Anastasios Pavlidis (GRE 2342).

The Festival also included Open A (elo 1750-2050), Open B (U1800), Open C for Beginners and Open Under 16.

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