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Groningen Chess Festival

This traditional event finished in the Netherlands a few days ago. It consisted of several tournaments.

A-Open, Final Standings:

1-3. GM Gagunashvili (GEO, 2576), IM Swinkels (NED, 2451) and GM Rotstein (GER, 2496) – 7/9;
4-5. FM Giri (RUS, 2466) and GM S. Ernst Sipke (NED, 2576) – 6½, etc.
(68 players).

It is worth noting the result of 14-year old Anish Giri, who scored his second GM-norm. Originally from Russia, he is now based in the Netherlands. His rating was about 2340 at the beginning of 2008, but now it is approaching the 2500 mark.

Part of the festival was a 4-game match between two young Dutch GMs – Jan Werle (2582) and Jan Smeets (2604). After the first three games were drawn, Smeets won the last game and took the match 2½-1½. You can find selected games from Groningen in our database today.

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