This is my 10,000th entries on this specific blog since it started on May 23, 2005 at exactly 2 pm!

This was my first official introduction:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

For a long time, I have always championed the idea of top chess players being much more interactive with the everyday fans. Chess has a big fan base (nearly 45 million strong in America and around 700 million worldwide) and we need to maximize it.

I followed my own advice by allowing fans to vote for the opening of their choice in my monthly award-winning “Opening Secrets” column in Chess Life. My personal e-mail address has always been available to the public and I correspond with thousands of fans each month about as many topics as I can possibly handle. I hope more people will join my crusade by making chess friendlier, more popular and more interactive.

Today, Amy (a friend of mine) helped me build this site where fans can blog 24/7. This is a site where fans can communicate directly to me and where we leave ugly chess politics at the door. Please feel free to express your views. I am always interested to hear what you have to say! The only thing I ask for is to keep it clean so fans of ALL AGES can enjoy! Happy blogging everyone!

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

It has been nearly 3 years since that first entry and we are continuing to grow strong. There are millions of readers from over 100 countries following this blog in the past 36 months. Many grandmasters, international masters, and professional players today have their own chess blogs. The chess world is changing rapidly.

It is still my policy not to have banner ads or paid advertisement on this blog. This blog is for you and I will promote everything which helps chess for free. This blog is an avenue for chess players, fans, and supporters to have a voice to positively promote our game.

I would like to thank EVERYONE for supporting this blog and my mission to change the chess world for the better. It has been a long tough road and I expect many more difficult challenges ahead. But if we keep on pushing chess and all its benefits forward, we will succeed! I will not rest until our goals are reached.

I will announce in the near future about a number of upcoming major movie projects (including my life story, being an executive producer for another major chess movie, as well as more chess documentaries, etc.). I also hope to be able to announce in the short time ahead more substantial donations, sponsorships, and grants.

The future of chess is exciting and once again, thank you for all your support!

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