First of all, I must thank the organizers for this very special chess conference. We had some of the greatest minds in this area coming together to share knowledge and passion. It was well organized and the hospitality was wonderful. Secondly, the attendees and fellow lecturers were magnificent. I finally got to meet many other chess people from around that world whom I have only corresponded with online.

But most important of all, I think monumental steps were taken in the past few days. Many new ideas and information were introduced.

My husband’s offer to create a central “Chess Education and Research” website has been accepted by the organizers and well received by the group. He bought the domain and the goal is to place the “Chess Education and Research” materials from everyone on this site. It will be available to everyone worldwide and information can be searched by subject, name of author and other key words.

In the past, when one needs information about these areas, they must Google everything and sometimes it is very hard to locate the critical information. Now, this problem will be solved and it will be updated frequently to include all the latest information and data. This will help the entire chess community. We now have the strength of a big strong group to pitch to the board of education, sponsors or whoever we need to convince about the power of chess and education. This is a completely free service for everyone and we are happy to take on this task and unite everyone for the best interest of chess and education.

The other idea that he suggested and it was also very well received by everyone is that the next conference should be webcast. It means that countless chess educators and interested parties can watch the conference LIVE from around the world.

I will write more about this in my column next week.

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