Long-Lost Brothers Live 6 Blocks Apart
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Dec. 1) – “What do you say to a brother you didn’t know existed for 80 years?”

So asked Jack Shore of Lew Manilow in March, The Chicago Tribune reported. The two men had recently learned they were brothers — and that they happened to live right down the street from each other in Chicago.

Manilow was born Irving Inger in August 1927 in Wayne County, Mich., to Gussie and Sam Inger. The couple already had a 13-month old, Jacob (Jack Shore), and four children from Gussie’s previous marriages. Overwhelmed financially and with their marriage on the rocks, the couple gave Irving up for adoption.

A year later, Irving was adopted by Minette and Nathan Manilow of Chicago and became Lewis Manilow. He found out in 1955 that he was adopted and had a brother named Jacob, the Tribune reported, but he didn’t track him down until this year. Shore didn’t know that he had such a brother at all.

It turns out the two men were not only neighbors but that they had met once when Shore attended a party at a previous home of Manilow’s.

Now the two men are meeting each other’s families, taking things slowly.

“I didn’t just find a brother,” Manilow told the Tribune. “I found a new family. Digesting that, relating to that is going to take time.”

Source: AOL / AP

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