Enschede, the Netherlands, August 22, 2008
Press release

FoidosChess: The match Anand vs. Kramnik as close contact video experience

Chess Media Services is proud to announce that FoidosChess will be used for broadcasting the World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik, starting October 14th in Bonn, Germany.

FoidosChess is a live chess broadcasting application, based on the new Mircosoft Silverlight technology, creating a revolutionary new way to present video over the internet.

FoidosChess will use five parallel video streams to present the World Championship match and commentaries by toplevel Grandmasters in German (Artur Yussupov, Dr Helmut Pfleger, Klaus Bischoff), English (Yasser Seirawan), Spanish (Miguel Illescas) and Russian.

All commentators will welcome interesting guests during the games. Via chat the communication between commentator and user will be also possible.

The video stream will include close up of the players during the game as wells as live reports from the commentary hall and interviews with experts and celebrity guests.

FoidosChess is a chess tournament broadcasting platform that puts the user in control. The user decides what he wants to watch, where and how.

The World Chess Championship 2008 will bring a totally new experience of chess via the internet. A demo of FoidosChess is available at www.foidoschess.tv


For more information, interviews, pictures or other materials, please contact Albert Vasse (by phone +31 653871200 or e-mail albert@dgtprojects.com) or Claudiu Tanasescu (phone +31 641901321 or e-mail office@foidoschess.tv).

Company information: Chess Media Services

Chess Media Services BV is a Netherlands based consortium of companies that love chess and understand the value and power of the game. Chess Media Services is a consortium of dynamic companies. UEP GmbH, (Germany), DGT BV (Netherlands), Share Dimension srl. (Romania), Noterik BV (Netherlands) all bringing their expertise and power behind FoidosChess.

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