Doping scandal shocks the world… of chess
by Michael LoRe
Thursday December 11, 2008, 6:02 PM

No, this latest doping scandal doesn’t involve Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens or Floyd Landis.

But rather pawns, queens, rooks, knights and Chess Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk.

The Ukrainian professional chess whiz failed to submit a urine sample after the Chess Olympiad in Dresden, Germany.

So since he didn’t play by the rules, he is being accused of doping.

Ivanchuk aka “Big Chunky” could face a two-year ban.

“I was standing outside the playing hall, alongside New Zealand delegate Bob Gibbons, and witnessed Ivanchuk kick a large concrete pillar, then bang his fists on the food service counter a couple of times, before storming past where we were standing,” Australian blogger Shaun Press recalled.

Roid rage, anyone??

I bet Bobby Fischer (RIP) would never stoop this low. Sure, he might have expressed very anti-American and anti-Semitic opinions, but drugs… never.


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