Anu Bayar (IL) is the 2010 SPGI Grand Champion. She won the Puzzle Solving Contest (10/10), Blitz Championship (6/6), and tied for 2nd in the Rapid Championship (5/6). Her total score is 21.

2nd overall is Taylor McCreary (10/10 in Puzzle Solving, 5/6 in Blitz, and 3.5/6 in Rapid) with 18.5 points.

3rd overall is Brianna Conley (9/10 in Puzzle Solving, 4/6 in Blitz, and 4/6 in Rapid) with 17.5 points.

4th and 5th overall are Sayaka Foley and Agata Bykovtsev with 17 points.

360 pictures from the 2010 SPGI have been posted here.

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