$15,000 Battle of the young stars: GMs Jeffery Xiong, Sam Sevian, Kayden Troff, Razvan Preotu, IMs Ruifeng Li, Akshat Chandra, Awonder Liang, Daniel Gurevich, Michael Brown, etc!

The SPICE Cup this year will be VERY STRONG!

In addition to SPICE players like GMs Liem Le, Ray Robson, Aleksandr Shimanov, Illia Nyzhnyk, Vasif Durarbayli, Manuel Leon Hoyos, Ashwin Jayaram, Priyadharshan Kannappan, IMs Irene Sukandar, Eric Rosen, Vitaly Neimer + Josh Colas. Justus Williams, Aaron Grabinsky, etc., we will also have reigning World Junior Champion GM Jeffery Xiong, world class player GM Rauf Mamedov, and very strong young players like GMs Sam Sevian, Kayden Troff, IMs Akshat Chandra, Ruifeng Li, Awonder Liang, Daniel Gurevich, Michael Brown, and many more!

There are only very few spots left available in this year’s SPICE Cup! Over $15,000 in cash prizes!

If you registered and do not see your name on the list below, please send me an email at SusanPolgar@aol.com.

Last Name First Name Country

2723 Le Quang Liem VIE GM
2680 Robson Ray USA GM
2666 Mammedov Rauf AZE GM
2647 Xiong Jeffrey USA GM
2638 Shimanov Aleksandr RUS GM
2615 Gareyev Timur USA GM
2612 Durarbayli  Vasif AZE GM
2606 Nyzhnyk Illia UKR GM
2591 Sevian Samuel USA GM
2543 Li Ruifeng USA GM
2534 Troff Kayden USA GM
2521 Kannappan Priyadharshan India GM
2492 Chandra Akshat USA IM
2488 Gurevich Daniel USA IM
2488 Leon Hoyos Manuel MEX GM
2484 Liang Awonder USA IM
2468 Jayaram Ashwin IND GM
2465 Alvares Aramis Cuba GM
2450 Keaton Kiewra USA IM
2436 Fernandez Daniel USA IM
2432 Sukandar Irine INA IM
2431 Brown Michael USA IM
2412 Kaliksteyn Alex USA FM
2402 Patel Advait SM
2392 Yang Kaiqi China IM
2383 Duran Vega Sergio Costa Rica FM
2382 Rosen Eric USA IM
2346 Neimer Vitaly Israel IM
2346 Thavandiran Shiyam Canada FM
2344 Kavutskiy Kostya USA FM
2336 Grabinsky Aaron USA FM
2335 Colas Joshua USA FM
2313 Williams Justus USA FM
2289 Santarius Erik USA FM
2288 Niemann Hans USA FM
2277 Srivathsav Rahul India NM
2259 Betaneli Alexander USA FM
2255 Sharevich Anna USA WGM
2247 Adamson Robby USA FM
2200 Eckert Doug USA FM
2112 Voelker James NM

plus SPICE house players


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