Our friends at ChessBase just published an article about a chess election in Turkey. One of the candidates is GM Suat Atalik. Here is an excerpt of the article:

The major headlines of the opposition’s agenda is as follows (translated from their campaign website):

– No second grandmaster was trained all these years
– The federation resources were spent thriftily
– There is a big debt, and a bank loan is used to pay this debt
– Chess players have become the main source of income for the federation
– Board members and members of other committees benefited from the financial power of the federation more than the players
– Disciplinary and Auditory Committees were not independent from the board
– The Federation is ruled by one person (Yazici himself)
– The Federation is not institutionalized
– In many projects much money was spent without results (chess school, the company of the federation, etc.)
– International events took priority over national events
– Chess clubs were not sufficiently supported – only 300,000 New Turkish Lira of the budget of seven million were actually used for the clubs
– Clubs and players were only remembered in the election times
– Repressive and punitive policies were implemented by the board

Therefore, the group is aiming to

– Give chess and chess players their former dignity
– Train new grandmasters
– Save chess players from the financial burden of chess
– Establish an institutional federation
– Use the resources of the federation for chess
– Empower the clubs financially

“We are candidates for the Turkish Chess Federation board,” the opposition ticket says. “With our projects and sponsors we are ready to lift up chess. Now is ‘just the time’ for change!”

Here is the full article.

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