Cavett and chess buffs replay Bobby Fischer’s story
By Caroline N. Jackson

A memorial for Bobby Fischer at the Marshall Chess Club last Sunday drew a standing-room-only crowd and Dick Cavett, the former TV talk-show host, who had some of the most memorable interviews of the enigmatic chess champion. Fischer died earlier this year in Iceland.

Frank Brady, president of the W. 10th St. club and one of Fischer’s early mentors, Cavett, who interviewed Fischer numerous times, and fellow chess champions, friends of Fischer’s and chess enthusiasts shared their memories of the brilliant but eccentric chess master. This was the only memorial event for Fischer, who, became as well known for his bizarre and incendiary statements as his chess skills.

“When they buried Bobby in Reykjavik, only five people attended, and that’s probably how he wanted it, but there are definitely more than five people here,” Brady said.

The room where then-13-year-old Fischer once played against Donald Byrne, launching Fischer into the professional chess world, was packed, with many people forced to stand.

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