Students gear up for chess tourney
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Madison Station

Elementary’s top chess players are showing a lot of confidence as they get ready to host Friday’s district chess tournament, but some teachers across town have a message for them – “Bring it on!”

The top chess players at elementary schools throughout the Madison County School District will compete this Friday in the annual district chess tournament.

The friendly competition was started several years ago by Madison Avenue Elementary teachers Lynda Flynn and Shelly Crunk who teach the school’s “Pathways” program for gifted students.

Starting in second grade, Pathways teachers across the district teach the students how to play chess and even incorporate the game into their lesson plans.

Flynn said that once a month her class takes the whole day to play and study different aspects of chess.

“It’s a good strategic exercise,” Flynn said. “It takes a lot of concentration and helps the children focus on any subject they are working on.”

Each school in the district has already had its own competition with winners moving on to compete for the district championship in grades second through fifth.

Over the years, as interest in the tournament has grown, teachers say friendly rivalries have developed between the schools with the students excited about competing with one another.

At least three students at Madison Station say they hope to bring home the gold as fifth grader Ridge Brohaugh, fourth grader James Zhou and third grader Nathan Yin will compete for their school Friday.

Yin and Zhou both take part in the district’s chess club whose members receive instruction from a local chess master. Brouhaugh says he learned from and plays with his father.

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