2009 March 20-28, Swiss system open chess tournament

Press release, for immediate publication…

In this time already 25 times we organized this famous chess tournament.

Regularly the event was in the second part of the March month in Budapest.

The Hungarian Chess Federation provided a venue to us in this year beside of the Parlaiment in the Falk Miksa street.

From the occassion 90 chess players got together from 16 countries. The countries: HUN, BRA, IRI, CAN, ESP, ISR, RUS, USA, HKG, ENG, SCO, SLO, GER, BAN, ITA, AUT – a real international cavalcade.

Amongst the 90 players four man international masters, a female grandmaster/ Hongkong Anya Corke /, 8 Fide master was playing, the players more, than 90 percents had FIDE ELO rating, it was a good opportunity the increase of ELO for the participants.

The winner of the competition is Miklos Galyas, a Hungarian International master, deservedly, with 8.0 points out of 9 games.

The special prize winners: senior – FM István Somogyi /HUN/ the best under 20 years was Kristof Juhasz / HUN /, the best under 14 year – Áron Amstadt / HUN /, the best woman player was Anya Corke / HKG /.

Anna Styazhkina was an interesting person of the event, she is 11 year female FIDE master, from St.Petersburg, who is the world champion of her age group, she reached 5.0 points. Her father accompanied her as a trainer and the girl obtained 48 ELO points with a good performance.

This Event was a good chance for young Hungarian chessplayers for the bulge, than for example for Bea Boglárka /70 ELO points increasing /, for Richard Farkas /11 year old / 30 ELO, or for Zsuzsanna Kabai 60 points plus /.

László Nagy was the organizer, the organizer of the First Saturday monthly Budapest chess events, the main arbiter was Ernő Kovács international arbiter, into general satisfaction.

Further information:
László Nagy
Mobil: +(36)-20-230-1914

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