15 year old phenom Magnus Carlsen has tied for 1st at the 2006 Norwegian Championship. Even though he lost in the last round to GM Berge Østenstad, he still ended up in a tie for first with his mentor GM Simen Agdestein. Magnus has better tie-breaks but he and Simen will have a playoff within the next 2 months to decide the championship.

This is one of those situations where he needs to gain more experience. You just cannot lose to a player 200 points lower than you in the last round while leading the tournament by a full point. The good thing is he has incredible fighting spirits and he is not afraid to fight.

Here are the final standings of the top 6:

1-2 GM Magnus Carlsen 2675, GM Simen Agdestein 2594 (7,0)
3 GM Berge Østenstad 2480 (6,0)
4-6 IM Bjarke Sahl 2364, GM Leif Erlend Johannessen 2555, GM Kjetil A. Lie 2523 (5,5)
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