Fabiano Caruana has taken the sole lead after getting the first win of the tournament at the 4th round of the Zurich Chess Challenge 2013.

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Caruana played with black against the World Champion Viswanathan Anand and defeated him in 45 moves. The Italian did not shy away from going into the main lines of the Spanish against the Indian, who is known for his exceptional preparation. On move 17, Fabiano took the decision to go forward with his kingside pawns and the game became sharper. Anand eventually decided to exchange a rook for a knight and a pawn. Caruana handled the position masterfully and proved the strength of his rooks on the open files. Anand resigned when it is clear that the black rook will start capturing pawns, getting a winning endgame position.

Boris Gelfand played with white against the rating favorite Vladimir Kramnik. The Russian chose to use the Queen’s Gambit Accepted as his defensive weapon. After some exchanges, both players had isolated pawns and the position was open for tactics. The computer shows that there were missed chances for both sides, although Kramnik was the one that had some more opportunities to get an important advantage. When the complications finished, the position was equalized and the draw was agreed on move 46.

Round 5 pairings:

Boris Gelfand – Viswanathan Anand
Vladimir Kramnik – Fabiano Caruana

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