I just changed the header of this blog to Susan Polgar Chess & Information Blog.

As I stated before, I have never promoted chess alone. I have always been an advocator for chess with its vast benefits for people of all ages, especially young people. One should not be one dimensional. It is important to have multiple interests.

I love chess and I follow chess news every single day but it is not my only interest. I also enjoy following news about business, sports, health and fitness, science, technology, finance, music, movies, theatre, and education, etc.

I will blog about all events and stories which benefit our sport, and areas which are of interest to me. If you have good stories about chess or any other interesting areas which you want to share with other bloggers, please feel free to send them to me at SusanPolgar@aol.com.

Thank you for your support!
Susan Polgar

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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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