Chess Club Challenges All Ages
Volunteer Shares Love Of Chess With Everyone
Mitch Jelniker, 7NEWS Anchor, Keely Walker, Producer

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — It is one of the most popular games in the world, but it can also be intimidating. 7Everyday Hero Frank Atwood is focused on making the game of chess available to everyone. “Chess lets you be competitive in a civilized manner,” said Atwood. Atwood volunteers to run the Highlands Ranch Library Chess Club.

The free club meets twice a month and attracts players of all ages. The idea is to have fun, learn chess and expand problem solving abilities.

“Here it is, the challenge of winning a game, of competing, of persistence, of hanging in there,” said Atwood.

“It is a war game without blood or bruises. It really makes you think or concentrate,” added Atwood’s friend John Cardie. Atwood gives his time to the club because it is an opportunity that he missed out on as a child. “I wish this had been provided to me when I was growing up,” said Atwood. “The thing I like most about him is he is a giver. And in today’s world, maybe it is me because I am old, but a lot of people have the ‘I have to get something’ attitude,” said Cardie.

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