I was just recently informed by GM Eugene Perelshteyn that this book has just been released. I have seen the one for Black and I like it very much. If this is anything like that one, it would be a good book.

Chess Openings for White, Explained: Winning with 1 e4

by Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvili & Eugene Perelshteyn, 542pp. (2006 CIRC) Every chess player needs a set of openings he can trust. Chess Openings for White, Explained gives you a complete repertoire of carefully selected, interrelated openings to show you how to win with White using Bobby Fischer’s favorite first move, 1 e4. Additionally, you get an informative review of every opening from White’s point of view, even the ones not part of the book’s repertoire.

This book, together with its companion volume, gives you the most thorough explanation of chess opening moves and ideas available. Here’s what Grandmaster Glenn Flear had to say about Chess Openings for Black, Explained in the prestigious international journal, New In Chess Yearbook: “It’s exactly what many have been looking for but don’t even realize it: a great book for really learning openings without just memorizing variations.”
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