September 2, 2013 22:17 IST
Anand vs Carlsen — a clash of generations, says Vardapetyan

Armenia’s Ashot Vardapetyan has been in the business of chess arbitration for nearly four decades. The 58-year-old, who has been appointed the chief arbiter for the World championship chess match to be held here from November 7 to 27, describes the battle between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen as a clash of generations.

In an e-mail interview to The Hindu, Ashot said is “well aware of development of the Indian Chess Federation for the last decade.”


Will you apply a zero tolerance policy for the World championship match?

I am an arbiter and I follow FIDE rules, the same as the players. I don’t think zero tolerance is a problem for the tournament.

Your experience of being the chief arbiter for the 2012 world championship match between Anand and Boris Gelfand?

Each championship has its own specifics and now I must concentrate on this match.

You have been Vice-President of the Armenian Chess Federation, what have been your activities to promote chess in your country?

For more than 30 years, I am filling different positions in Yerevan and Armenian Chess Federations. The main direction in my work was and still is development of chess and I am closely involved in promotion of youth chess in my country.

What have you heard of India and its chess players?

This is my first visit to India but I am very well aware of development of Indian Chess Federation for the last decade and I know many India’s strongest players.

Your views on Anand and Carlsen?

I would prefer not to discuss the players. I respect them equally and think that they both have their worthy place in the history of chess.

Your thoughts on the eagerly awaited clash in November?

All are anxiously awaiting this championship, the main feature of which is a clash of generations.

Could you tell us about your playing career and the experience of being an arbiter?

It’s been a long time since I stopped playing chess. The last time I played was in 1984. I have a title of Candidate of Masters of the former USSR.

I have been an arbiter for 39 years. During these years I held many FIDE top events though for many years I was considering it as my hobby.

I am an economist and an engineer filling different high level positions in the field of urban development in Armenia, but gradually they were pushed to the background yielding their place to chess in my life.


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