Monk Beats Chess Genius Based On Fischer
August 12, 2008

If you’re a fan of “Monk,” the detective series featuring the eccentric sleuth and chess enthusiast Adrian Monk, you were probably delighted with the subject of the recent episode: “Mr. Monk and the Genius.”

The genius is Patrick Kloster, the best chess player in the world, who murders his second wife after brazenly alerting her of his intentions. He had, Monk later brilliantly infers, also done away with his first wife.

It soon becomes obvious that Kloster is scripted to remind us of the late Bobby Fischer. There are several clues, including a tournament event in Vancouver, his 180 IQ and a discussion of the “poisoned pawn,” a winning pawn sacrifice made by Boris Spassky during their famous match.

During the battle of the two geniuses that ensues, Kloster is able to stay a couple of steps ahead of Monk. But when Kloster during a simultaneous game arrogantly explains to Monk that castling allows the shuffling of two pieces, Monk solves the double murder.

Here is the full story.

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