Yesterday, a lot of chess fans were upset that GM Vladimir Kramnik offered a draw on move 19 and GM Boris Gelfand immediately accepted the offer at the Dortmund super tournament in Germany. Many said that this is a serious problem and all invitational events should have the “no draw” offer rule.

I disagree. Many players do play fighting chess. There are a few who are known for short draws. There is a very simple problem to fix this.

DO NOT INVITE non-fighting players back! Why reward the non-fighting players by inviting them back again and again? Let’s reward the players who fight by giving them more invitations.

Simple, isn’t it? I am sure they will get the message very quickly. I never asked my colleagues to play fighting chess at the recent NY City Mayor’s Cup. They did it automatically. Let’s pinpoint those who make “quick draws” and let’s leave others alone.
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