Nash wins Durango chess crown
February 13, 2008
By Eric Morrow

The Durango Chess Championship was held at the Durango Community Recreation Center on Saturday. Players competed in of one of two sections: the Scholastic Division or the Open Division.

“Winning is not so great a thing as learning,” said 11-year-old Brady Barkmeyer, winner of the Scholastic Division.

“I like both,” said Durango Chess Champion Damian Nash. Nash, who runs the Gifted and Talented Program at Durango High School, won the title for the fourth year in a row.

Nash and I tied for first place in the Open Division.

Anamichel Apted was crowned the K-8 Durango Champion, even though she opted to compete against much higher-rated players in the Open Division.

When asked if she likes beating the boys, Apted cracked a broad smile. “Yes, I do,” she said.

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