Pastor in Iceland: Fischer not ‘exhumed’

We asked a friend in Iceland, Einar S. Einarsson, to check what exactly the procedure had been. Einar is the Chairman of the Icelandic RJF Committee which was instrumental in getting Fischer Icelandic citizenship and thus enabling his release from Japanese detention in 2005, where he was being held at the request of US tax authorities.

Einar investigated the matter regarding the tissue extraction for us. In his words the IceNews correction is “total rubbish, and must be some misinterpretation of Mr. Kjartansson words.” He spoke to Rev. Kristinn Ágúst Friðfinnsson, the pastor who supervised the “exhumation”. Friðfinnsson confirmed that it was in fact not a full exhumation. “They only dug down beside the coffin and entered it from the side through a hole for the sample needed,” he said. “Everything was performed in a dignified and respectful manner.”

The result of the DNA tests should become available in about three weeks. Many friends of Fischer believe that Jinky is not the biological daughter of Bobby, although the American may have had an affair with her mother Marilyn Young and supported her financially. They hope that the legal representatives of Ms Young will not now file a claim for a full exhumation to find out whether it is Bobby who is in that coffin or not.

Here is the full article by our friends at ChessBase.

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