Young chess player teaches at YMCA
Free class starts Feb. 5, offers skills after school
Appeal Tribune
January 30

For many people, the thought of chess teacher conjures the image of Ben Kingsley in the movie “The Search for Bobby Fischer.” Those people obviously haven’t met Aden Krueger.

The 14-year-old eighth-grader at Mark Twain Middle School is starting his third year teaching basic chess.

“They say that to really learn something you have to teach it,” Krueger said.

“After teaching the class a few times, I really believe that’s true. Teaching this class has made me a better chess player.”

Krueger is teaching the Silver Falls Family YMCA’s After School Enrichment chess program starting Feb. 5. The class is free, along with a basic ping pong class, which YMCA officials are hoping will spark some interest in after-school programs.

“We want to promote life-long recreational skills,” said Susan Sano, program and branch manager. “This February we are offering everything from basketball to swimming programs.”

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