Greetings from Las Vegas! What a day! I was on a Continental flight from NY to Vegas. First of all, the flight was late. Then when finally after everyone boarded, the pilot said sorry but there seems to be a hole underneath the plane. But don’t worry, it is not serious. The next announcement was sorry but the plane cannot take off unless technicians can patch the hole but don’t worry, it won’t take more than 30 minutes. Sure 🙂 3 hours later, we finally got off the ground and on the way to Las Vegas.

The traffic on the strip at 11:00 PM is worse than NY city in rush hour. But I managed to get to the tournament site nearly an hour later for a 5 mile trip. I wonder if it would have been faster to walk 🙂

Finally, I got to the Riviera to check in. It was nearly midnight and my kids were tired. I was minding my own business and I wanted to check in fast so my kids can get to bed.

Just my luck, a chess politician who has been in the USCF political system for perhaps 4 decades or more was right behind me. He decided to be completely obnoxious and gave me an earful. This is the same person who 6-7 months ago said that I was the best thing for American chess since Bobby Fischer.

Right after I made my announcement to run for the executive board against the people he supports, the same man publicly said that I am the biggest detriment for American chess and decided to insult, attack and demean me online and in person. What a wonderful ending to a long day! It was hard but I bit my lips and allowed him to publicly insult me in front of people. He is not the only chess politician that has done this to me and others.

It is amazing that some people just cannot say two sentences without foam coming out of their mouths. They just cannot control themselves and their emotions. This is why sponsors do not want to talk to them and they rather walk away. Welcome to the USCF! These people want the USCF to be the way it is for decades to come if they can help it. And if anyone tries to improve the professionalism, respectability, efficiency and integrity of this federation, they will be attacked, insulted, demeaned and destroyed.

I hope that tomorrow will be a better day and I really hope that the USCF members understand what is at stake in this election. If we keep on voting for the same type of people, how do we expect positive changes for the USCF?
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