Trusting children
By Jennifer Rodrigo

Mature minds are a product of age, some think. With tears-filled eyes and an aching heart, Karoshee Nathasha Vijayasekere, as a young child, sat before the TV in France watching the hopelessness of children in Ethiopia, Sudan and many other places of the world. Their suffering from malnutrition and sickness, owing to lack of proper food, shelter or medical care, pinched the tenderness within her and she refused to eat her own dinner for the images of emaciated children played in her mind.

The expenses of Karoshee’s concerts in Sri Lanka are borne by her parents but their total revenue is banked in the account of ‘Trust Children’. So far, 13 Student Scholarships are awarded monthly, to bright but needy children of Sri Lanka. The first scholarship-holder is Lasanthika – a regional chess champion.


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