The official coverage of the 2007 World Cup has been horrendous. There are many mistakes and a bunch of links are bad. Here are some of the highlights that I am able to gather so far:

– Adams came back and won game 2 against Zugic of Canada to advance.
– Alekseev defeated Ismagambetov to bring the match to the rapid playoff.
– Ponomariov also defeated El Gindy to avoid elimination. They are heading to the playoff tomorrow as well.
– The biggest upset so far is Enamul Hossain defeated super 2700 GM Eljanov to advance to the 2nd round.
– 18 year old GM Gopal (2520) of India drew former WC Kasimdzhanov (2690) both games. They are heading to the playoff tomorrow.
– Young teenage Vietnamese GM Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son also drew super GM Van Wely both games.
– Vladislav Nevednichy (2531) defeated GM Konstantin Landa (2678) to advance.
– For world junior champion Zaven Andriasian (2546) drew GM Onischuk (2674) both games to head into the playoff.
– Abhijit Kunte of India (2547) tied Vadim Zvjaginsev (2674) both games to have a date tomorrow.
– Jun Zhao (2552) tied super GM Harikrishna 1-1 to head into the playoff.
– Sergei Zhigalko (2561) tied the other Indian super GM Sasikiran to play again tomorrow in the playoff.
– Jianchao Zhou,(2566) defeated former European Champion Sutovsky (2655) to advance to the second round.
– The young German GM David Baramidze scored 1-1 against former World Championship contender Nigel Short.
– Ehsan Ghaem Maghami (2591) defeated Zviad Izoria (2643) by forfeit to advance to the 2nd round.

There are some other minor upsets but if the ratings are too close, I do not list them.

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