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The 12th Arab Games 2011 will be held from December 9 to 23, 2011 in Doha (Qatar). Chess event includes blitz, rapid individual chess championships and classical chess team championship among women and men.

On 10th December the chess competition of the Arab games started. The 9 round Blitz tournament gathered 32 men chess players including 5 Grandmasters: Adly Ahmed and Amin Baseem of Egypt, Mohamad Al-Modiahki and Mohammed Al-Sayed of Qatar and Salem A. R. Saleh of UAE. The women’s starting list is head by one of the strongest female Grandmasters of the world – the Ex Women’s World Champion Zhu Chen representing Qatar followed by WIM Al-Rufaye Iman Hasan Mohammed of Iraq and WGM Mona Khaled of Egypt.

The Qatari Grandmaster Mohamad Al Modiahki became the Winner in the male blitz competition. The silver medal goes to Ahmed Adly of Egypt. Another Grandmaster representing Qatar Mohammed Al-Sayed took the Bronze Medal.

The ex Women’s World Chess Champion Zhu Chen of Qatar became the Winner of the women’s Blitz competition. The Iraqi WGM Al-Rufaye Iman Hasan Mohamed won the Silver medal while WFM Elamri Laila of Morocco placed third in the table.

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