02/14/2008 11:20
Memorial Ceremony for Bobby Fischer in Iceland

Late chess legend Bobby Fischer’s friends in Iceland are organizing an open memorial service in the small country church Laugardaelakirkja in Flóahreppur parish in south Iceland at 11 am on Saturday, where Fischer chose to be buried.

“It will be a solemn but modest ceremony,” Einar S. Einarsson, head of the RJF Group which helped bring Fischer to Iceland, told Morgunbladid, adding that Fischer’s friends will say a few words and songs that he was fond of will be played.

The late chess master’s friends and well-wishers who live abroad were invited to attend the ceremony, but Einarsson said it is not clear whether former world champion in chess Boris Spassky and John Bosnitch, Fischer’s helper in Japan, would be able to come.

Fischer’s friends have also placed a memorial book in the National Centre for Cultural Heritage in Reykjavík where visitors who would like to honor his memory can sign their names. The book will be available until the end of next week.

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Source: Iceland Review

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