Dear Chess Friends,

As Woit’s close friend and attorney of many years, people are asking me about his passing. I have spoken with Woit’s physician and the medical examiner. Woit did not die of liver failure or alcoholism. He died of a perforated intestine, and massive bleeding. If he had been helped sooner, he would have lived. He had lost so much blood by the time the ambulance was called, it was too late to save him.

Some people, myself included, have been upset by Woit’s obituary stating he died of liver problems.

Woit loved his son Joseph very much and saw him as often as possible.

Finally, Woit was very concerned about his mother and often sent her money to live. It was his dying wish that someone would take care of his mother. Donations for Woit’s mother, Tamara, can be sent to:

The Alexander Wojtkiewicz Memorial Fund
care of Law Offices of Elizabeth Karnazes
P.O. Box 4747
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 345-9200

Thank-you for your help.

Elizabeth Karnazes
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