Chess Today published some very interesting excerpts of an interview with IM Danailov, manager of Topalov.

Silvio Danailov’s Interview

A few days ago in Bilbao Silvio Danailov gave an interesting interview to Russian newspaper Sport Express. Here are some translated fragments by Chess Today:

(About the match Topalov – Kamsky):

“I think the match will take place because Ilyumzhinov personally guaranteed the prize fund and he keeps his word. Alas, Mr Chernenko,
Kamsky’s manager, lied to us all for a few months – he had no money, the match couldn’t be held in Lvov.”

(About ‘Toiletgate’):

“Coming back to that match, I can say that there were no sides which were absolutely right or wrong there. A world championship match is a war. A lot of adrenalin. And we all fell victims of our emotions. I think we should forget the old mistakes and work for the good of chess.”

(About the glass cube)

“I want to install the same cube in the Red Square and see how many people will attend such a great show. The future of chess is the Sofia rule – without draw offers. Chess in the squares and streets of big cities – then corporate sponsors will come to chess.”


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