Anand deserved the title, says Kasparov
Manisha Mohite Friday, 31 October , 2008, 11:21

The visible and invisible “Seconds’ were both at work, on and off the board, but there was one more invisible power player, the highest ever rated player on this planet who wanted to give tips to Anand and also wanted him to retain the title.

Frederic Friedel, the owner of one of the biggest Chess software giant ChessBase is one of those whom Anand publicly dedicated his title to, made a startling revealation that Garry Kasparov indeed was following each and every game of the Match and was very keen that Anand win it.

Surprising that Anand and he had been bitter rivals at one stage of their career and had contested a PCA World Championship final in 1995 where Garry had beaten Anand.

Friedel further added: “Garry was calling me everyday after the Match and was literally clapping his hand and jumping with joy at Anand’s achievement. Such great was his enthusiasm!’’

And I think the reason he did this was because basically he likes Anand a lot and admires his skill They had lot of battles on chess board and though Garry lead a very vigorous and aggressive lifestyle, politically, personally and professionally, he is after all a human being and genuinely likes Anand.

When quizzed whether he passed the tips on to Anand, Freidel replied in the negative but added ‘since Anand and his team were working like a well oiled engine, he did not like to distract or disturb the balance.’

“However, I did not bother much because Kasaprov had telephonic conversation with Anand himself before the match and if at all he wanted any help to be delivered, he did it himself,” added Friedel


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