The World Chess Cup 2009 will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia from 20th November to 15th December.

Here is the schedule of the tournament:

20th November Arrival, Opening Ceremony, Players’ meeting
21st-23rd November Round 1 + Tiebreaks
24th-26th November Round 2 + Tiebreaks
27th-29th November Round 3 + Tiebreaks
30th November – 2nd December Round 4 + Tiebreaks
3rd – 5th December Round 5 + Tiebreaks
6th – 8th December Round 6 + Tiebreaks
9th December Free Day
10th – 13th December Final Match
14th December Tiebreaks & Closing Ceremony
15th December Departure

Please download the Regulations.


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