The Semifinal to the 88th Absolute Argentine Championship is taking place on 13th – 21st July at the Circulo de Ajedrez de Villa Martelli – Laprida 3837.

The first six placed participants qualified to the Absolute Argentine Championship, which will be played from August 24th to September 6th at Provincia de Chaco with 100.000 pesos in prizes.

Five players shared first place after obtaining 6.5/9 points. The tiebreak scores decided who would get the first prizes. IM Leonardo Krysa was declared first, followed by experienced GM Sergio Slipak and IM Lucas Liascovich.

The main interest of the players was to qualify to the Absolute Championship, so most of the interest was put on who would get the coveted sixth place in the standings. The young FM Kevin Paveto got the pass, leaving out the two rating favorites – GMs Salvador Alonso and Diego Valerga.

This event coincided with the 60th anniversary of the biggest achievement in Argentine chess, Oscar Panno’s victory at the 1953 World Youth Championship. The legendary grandmaster received a plaque given out by the Argentine Chess Federation.

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Final Standings (top finishers):

1 IM Krysa Leandro 2411 6.5
2 GM Slipak Sergio 2440 6.5
3 IM Liascovich Lucas 2442 6.5
4 FM Reides Marcelo 2314 6.5
5 IM Pierrot Facundo 2414 6.5

6 FM Paveto Kevin 2298 6.0
7 GM Alonso Salvador 2506 6.0
8 GM Valerga Diego 2499 6.0
9 FM Mayorga Nicolas 2312 6.0

10 IM Malbran Guillermo 2205 5.5
11 IM Blit Jacques 2333 5.5
12 FM Fabian Gaston 2343 5.5
13 FM Pichot Alan 2400 5.5

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