Jinky’s mother hoping to land a job in government
June 20, 2010, 3:49pm

Twenty nine months after Bobby Fischer’s death, Marilyn Young admits she still misses his love, kindness and generosity.

“Hanggang ngayon, hinahanap-hanap pa namin siya,” said Young who had an eight-year relationship with the chess legend.

Unaccustomed to being in the spotlight, Young has not granted face-to-face interviews, agreeing only to talk on the phone.

But slowly, the typical provincial lass is beginning to realize that they could no longer avoid publicity.

Her nine-year-old daughter, Jinky, stands to inherit over P140 million from the vast estate left by the reclusive chess legend.

A DNA test will soon be conducted to determine if Jinky is the biological daughter of Fischer.

Yet, claiming the prize appears to be the least of Young’s priorities.

The 31-year-old mother is looking for a job, preferably in government.

“Gusto ko magtrabaho sa gobyerno kasi maraming benefits,” said Young who earned a management degree at University of Mindanao last year.

“Ang problema, over-age na ako. Hanggang 29 lang yata,” she said.

Young failed to pass the government licensure examination last year, but that “May nagsabi sa akin na basta may backer ka, makakahanap ka rin ng trabaho sa gobyerno,” she said.

Young revealed that Fischer was against her plans of returning to school.

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