Mohammed Modhaki Takes Lead
21 December 2008

DUBAI — Grandmaster Al Modiahki Mohamad emerged as front runner with a crucial victory in the fourth round game against GM Amin Bassem of Egypt and became the sole leader with 3.5 points after the fourth round of Arab Chess Championship at Al Bustan Hotel, Sharjah, a press release said.

Modiahki won the game in 45 moves from a Sicilian defence. Modiahki had bishop pair advantage early in the middle game. In a rook and minor piece endgame, he brought his rook to the seventh rank and won a pawn. In a tactical motif, Modiahki won a piece and the game as well.

Sarhan Al Mouini, the director of the tournament, said, “The quality of games is of the highest level and we will follow the one round per day schedule.”

Results of Round 4: Men: Amin Bassem (2.5) lost to Al Modiahki Mohamad (3.5); El Gindy Essam (3) drew with El Taher Fouad (3); Salem A R Saleh (3) bt Bakr Jwan (2); Khader Sami (2.5) drew with Chahrani Ibrahim (2.5); Al Qudaimi Basheer (2.5) bt Gator Mosaab (1.5); Mohannad Farhan (2.5) bt Khairallah Faisal (1.5); Alhuwar Jasem (1.5) drew with Hussein H A (1.5); Shobaita Talal (1) lost to Haddouche Mohamed (2); Mohamed Nawfal Karim (1) lost to Ayyad Husain Abdulgalil Saleh (2); Al-Hadarani Hatim (1) bt Weld Hamam Mawlay (0)

Women: Mouradian Knarik (3.5) bt Mezioud Amina (2.5); Mona Khaled (3.5) bt Mir Mahmoud Afamia (2.5); Fuad Natalie (2.5) lost to Algildah Nibal (3); Nouman Amna (2) lost to Latreche Sabrina (3); Essa Kulood (3) bt Basil Ziana (2); Hamza Amira (2.5) bt Salem Amna (1.5); Al-Jelda Fatma (2) bt El Flow Khuloud (1.5); Jaradat Shadia Z (1.5) drew with Al-Harmoudi Mona (1.5).


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