CPS Professor’s Book to Become HBO Film on “Chess Match of the Century,” Fischer vs. Spassky

April 07, 2008

When World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer died in January 2008, the media from all over the world immediately sought out Frank Brady, Ph.D. for background information and commentary on the temperamental chess genius. As Fischer’s biographer, Dr. Brady had years ago forged a relationship with the young chess player at the office where he founded and wrote Chess Life magazine. Fischer, the reigning U.S. Chess Champion, continually visited Brady’s office to read all the latest chess literature. They’d dined together, played in the N.Y. Metropolitan Chess League, and competed against each other in speed chess (a chess game with clocked moves) at the Marshall Chess Club) in Manhattan (“It took Bobby two minutes to checkmate, it took me 10,” Brady chuckles).

“Fischer was the Beethoven of chess,” Brady states, “probably the greatest chess player that ever lived.”

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