The following updates to NACA can be found on their website:

1. The July issue of the North American Chess Review is available for download (free registration required)
2. Illinois Junior chess player Gopal Menon’s daily chess puzzles (on our blog site) with solutions posted on the discussion forums (free registration required)
3. The July NACA screensaver is available (on our home page)
4. A new offering of weekly chess analysis by various players is available. The sample e-zine can be found on our homepage with another issue located in the discussion forums (free registration required).

Some changes we have experienced:

1. Due to logisitical issues the Summer North American FIDE Invitational was cancelled but we are planning the October one now with no cancellation!
2. We have, for 2006, changed our publication to be available on a bi-monthly basis. We are hoping to go back to monthly in 2007 along with translation in Spanish and French.

For more info, please check it out here. Their blog is here.
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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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