The Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization’s website states:

OSCO is now using Chess eXpress Ratings service for all sections of all its tournaments.

CXR (Chess Express Ratings) is a chess rating and statistical service. We are in the business of providing you with the most complete set of personal performance metrics possible, to help you track and improve your play. Our service is available through CXR-affiliated chess clubs and tournament directors.

Chess Express Ratings has set out to provide today’s chess player with more than just a rating. CXR provides many useful statistics so you can know whether you play better in quick games or long ones; how you perform playing the black pieces; how you do with the white pieces; how quickly you are improving.

Chess Express Ratings, Inc. (“CXR”), uses a rating system developed by its president, Russell Mollot, in the early 1980’s, and which has been adopted by chess clubs and scholastic chess organizations across North America. The “CXR System” is actually an entire arsenal of performance statistics — ratings, percentages, and other metrics. But the ratings — which are central to the CXR System — are a variant of the widely-used system developed by Professor Arpad Elo (the so-called “ELO ratings”). However, ours have two BIG advantages over the formal Elo system used by USCF and FIDE:

1. The CXR ratings are much simpler to calculate — in most cases you can do it in your head. Anyone who has seen the formulas, clauses, and sub-clauses of other popular systems can tell you that they will make your head spin. This makes the other systems virtually non-verifiable — you cannot know whether they’ve made a mistake or not.

2. The CXR formulas allow for ratings to be updated after individual games — multi-round events are not required. This means that tournaments are not the only way to get rated action. Your local CXR chess club can report results of individual games you play there. CXR’s ratings and statistics are updated within 24 hours of receiving game results.

The CXR system has been thoroughly tested over many years, thousands of players, and tens of thousands of games.

BASIC PREMISE The idea behind CXR ratings is that you gain points for good performance and lose points for bad performance.

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