TEEN NIGHT, Wednesday, Nov. 4, 5:00 p.m. AMC Northbrook Court.
Generously sponsored by Susan + Marc Sacks and family.

68 minutes. 2014. Director: Yossi Aviram. In Hebrew, English and Hungarian with English subtitles.

In Budapest during the 1970s, Lazlo Polgar decided to test his theory that geniuses are made, not born by raising his three daughters, Susan, Sofie and Judit, to be chess champions. Isolated from the world outside their apartment, the girls spent all their time studying and practicing strategies and moves. This fascinating documentary vividly traces how these Jewish-Hungarian sisters took the chess world by storm, breaking down gender barriers as they rose to, literally, the top of their game.

“How many of us really know the true story of the family that yielded three chess super-talents? For over four years an Israeli filmmaker collected archive material never seen before, and produced a documentary that is epic and historic, but also personal and intimate.”

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