School News: Rochester
March 6, 2009


Interscholastic chess competition headed towards the end of the regular season with meets at Kendall, Irondequoit and Greece Athena high schools. Kendall hosted teams from League 3 Feb. 26 where Brockport beat Albion 59.5-40.5. Will Noel won on board one for Brockport while Phillip Sage led Albion with a board four win.

Brandon Doyle’s board one win led Albion Middle School over Holley 51-49. Carmelo Rivera won on board four for the Hawks.

Brockport beat Pembroke 33-7 led by Will Noel’s board one win. Chris McMillion won on board four for Pembroke.

Kendall’s Casey Birch won on board one but Albion won the games 30-10 led by Cody Stymus’ win on board two.

Alex Fitzak won on the top board to lead Albion Middle over Pembroke 34-6. Ryan Seward took board five for the Dragons.

Holley beat Pembroke 31-9 led by Josh DeLuca’s win on the top board. Paul Stein led Pembroke with a board two win.

Albion shut out Kendall 40-0 as Alex Fitzak captured top honors.

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