Some of the questions that I have often been asked on this blog are how do I choose what story to publish and how does one get to have a chess item published on this blog?

The answer is simple. If I feel that it is positive for chess, I will publish everything from chess stories, tournaments, products, blogs, people to events, etc.

The idea of this blog is to positively promote chess in the US and around the world as well as bringing the latest chess news and information to the chess community.

There is absolutely no charge. If you want to have something positive you would like to publish, just send me or my husband an email with all the information. If it can help chess, one of us will publish it immediately. There is no story too big or too small.

One thing that I have to caution you though. We do get an incredible large volume of chess email. Sometimes, emails do get lost in cyberspace. If you feel that you have something good to publish and it is not up on my blog within 72 hours, please resend it just in case if it is lost.

Thanks for supporting this blog and we are working hard to improve it every day.

Best wishes,
Susan Polgar

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